Branding Requia

When branding Requia Studios we went through several tests with logos, color, and website design. We found the perfect mix for our company philosophy, which we implement daily.

At Requia Studios we deeply value quality – from what develop, produce, and sell, how we serve our team, clients, and partners to maintain the relationships with respect and the projects we invest in our resources.  






Cerulean is much more than just a hue—it’s full of meaning and symbolism. As one of the oldest colors in existence, cerulean is steeped in history and has been associated with everything from spirituality to fashion design. From its impact on personality traits to its use in business branding, this eye-catching shade carries immense power. 

Cerulean is a deep and calming blue hue that has long been used to represent trustworthiness, intelligence, and dependability. Its origins can be found in the Latin word ‘caesious’ meaning sky or heavenly blue due to its resemblance to the color of clear skies. As such, it has become an excellent choice for logos and businesses who wish to lend their brand a sense of credibility.

CERULEAN TRAITS – Calm, Clarity, Order, Depth, Stability and Wisdom



The color white is the universal symbolic color for purity, wholeness, and innocence. It makes us think of new beginnings, perfection, but also of elegance and serenity.

When you have a blank canvas free of any imperfections, you have the freedom to start something new, to let your ideas take contour, and to move in any direction you want.

White is highly creative, and it invites reflection, openness, and awakening. It is a great color for those who want to declutter their minds and spaces, hence why it is often associated with cleanliness and order. It is considered to be the color of perfection, usually has a positive connotation, and can represent a successful beginning.




We used this special R to match the uniqueness of our foundational principles, coordinating within the flash introduction of our fascinating, running, Plasma Man.




R – Guided by their strong work ethic, people with the initial ‘R’ are quick to learn things and very practical.

E – The karma of the letter E is exuberance and enthusiasm; a positive outlook of what life has to offer.

Q – The ‘Q’ hides a certain liberty about connecting with others, portraying someone with a particularly sentimental response as opposed to a rational answer, in most cases.

U – ‘U’ has a similar energy with that of the number 3, these people are known to be fortunate in life and should use their creativity more freely.

I – I’s source gravitates around life principles such as harvesting confidence from knowing oneself.

A – When ‘A’ is out of harmony, a sense of entitlement and vanity may surface and spark a clash.


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