P.J. Bono (Pete Bono) grew up during the 60’s on the lower east side of Manhattan, it was a mixed neighborhood but predominantly immigrants and first-generation Italians. Like almost every area of NYC, crime families (the Mob) controlled all the gambling, which included policy slips (the numbers racket), horse betting (there was no OTB), sports betting, loan sharking etc.

The Fulton Fish Market located just south of the Brooklyn Bridge was also controlled by the Mob. They controlled the price of all fish by placing a tax on all products leaving the market. Then, there was the parking protection racket; another big source of their income for the Mob. Pete ’s first Job was to work for these same people who ran the parking scam.

After getting into a scrape at the market, Pete ’s dad found out. He made Pete quit working at the market and got him a job at a local pastry shop. Unknown to Pete’s Dad, the pastry shop was a front for Mob gambling and other businesses. Pete was a good learner with personality who was exposed to many in “the family,” meaning introduced to most of the crime bosses. Pete had the ability to connect with everyone, which led to Pete being offered a high-profile job. However, Pete had to decline since his Dad insisted Pete to take the civil service tests.

As it turned out the first Job to call was the NYPD and Pete was appointed to the New York City Police Trainee Program at 18 years old. After graduating the Police Academy, Pete was assigned to the Narcotics Bureau, where he worked at the Bureau from July of 1967 until May of 1969. Pete then turned 21 and was promoted to Police Officer in accordance with the Trainee program.

During his nearly two years in the Narcotics Division Pete noticed many irregularities as his street-wise upbringing taught him not to tell anyone or report anything; so, he didn’t. Who could he go to and not be in the middle of something bigger than himself or be put on the spot as a snitch? So, he catalogued the notes in his official memo book.

Pete was promoted and assigned to the East Village division on the lower east side of Manhattan. It was home to the biggest drug supermarket in NYC. 2nd street between Ave’s B & C had drivers show up 24/7 from all parts of the east coast buying drugs from as many as 50 street salesmen. It did not take long before some of his old acquaintances from the Narcotics Division crossed his path. After several people close to Pete were murdered over missing drug evidence, he participated in a secret undercover investigation into the mysterious disappearance of the evidence stored in the NYPD Property Clerk’s office.

Included in the drugs that went mysteriously missing, were 110 lbs. of PURE HEROIN; the very drugs from the famous FRENCH CONNECTION CASE. The clever theft was not discovered for some time because no one suspected that the drugs were missing since it was replaced with worthless powder. This is Peter J. Bono’s story that will reveal in haunting details, WHERE AND TO WHOM THESE DRUGS FROM THE ORIGINAL FRENCH CONNECTION CASE WENT. This is FRENCH CONNECTION BLUES – the true story AFTER the French Connection.


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